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Product code: 012-4-4

ANRAN 4CH 1080P 1TB HDD Wireless Wi-Fi NVR 4pcs Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera System – Black

Original price was: $325.00.Current price is: $310.00.

The Night Owl DVR security system boasts a comprehensive security setup, designed to safeguard your premises from potential threats. This comprehensive system includes 8 high-definition bullet cameras, equipped with advanced features such as:
  • Built-in human detection technology for accurate identification
  • Night vision capabilities for seamless monitoring in low-light conditions
  • Motion-activated spotlights to illuminate and deter suspicious activity
  • Remote viewing capabilities, allowing you to monitor your property from anywhere
Furthermore, the system is equipped with anti-theft technology, which alerts you if the DVR is moved or tampered with, ensuring your security is always on high alert. With the Night Owl DVR security system, you can rest assured that your property is well-protected and secure.